Adventure and Relax at the Lodges of East Yellowstone

Need some ideas on how to spend your Yellowstone vacation? If you stay at the lodges of East Yellowstone, you’ll have tons of awesome outdoor activities right outside your front door. From guided horseback riding to fly fishing tours, delicious dinners and crackling evening fires, a stay at the Lodges of East Yellowstone provides everything you need.

This story was created in partnership with the East Yellowstone Valley Chamber of Commerce

Take a Trail Ride

Photo by Emily Taylor

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced equestrian or if you’ve never been on the upside of a horse before. A guided horse tour is a beautiful perspective on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Stay at one of the Lodges of East Yellowstone to experience a seamless experience from the cabin door to saddle. The peace and wonder of taking this mode of transportation through the pristine scenery of East Yellowstone Valley will be a highlight of your trip.

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Photo courtesy of the Lodges of East Yellowstone

Sit back and relax at your lodge

Lodges of East Yellowstone

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These lodges are cozy, and you’ll find you’re eager to return to your home away from home. All the lodges are family-owned, and many have a strong Western history behind them. Buffalo Bill Cody even built one! The lodges are warm and inviting and provide the perfect respite after a day filled with adventure. Sit out on your front porch in a rocking chair, and watch the sunset while your worries drift away on a summer breeze.

Learn about the plants and wildlife

Photo by Emily Taylor

For an adventure on two feet, bring a flora and fauna guidebook with you to get to know the wildlife. Try to spot some wildlife, identify birdcalls you hear, and examine the wildflowers up close. Check out our recommended guide here. Remember that despite how comfy the lodges are, you’re still in the wilderness. Give animals the space and respect they deserve, and leave plants be. You’ll be safer for it, and you’ll decrease your environmental footprint.

Fish the rivers

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Photo by Emily Taylor

Fishing in a gorgeous setting is one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. The Lodges of East Yellowstone have access to some of the best fishing spots around. The lodges offer a variety of guided fishing tours, including an overnight fishing trip. All of the lodges can arrange for guides to show you where the best spots are for catching rainbow, cutthroat, and brook trout. Fly fishing right around dusk is the best way to enjoy the evening light, and it’s conveniently when all the fish come out for dinner! Be sure to read all rules and regulations, and purchase a fishing permit.

Photo by Hunter Brumels

Go for a drive

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Photo by Emily Taylor

Once you’ve gotten your fill of hiking, go for a scenic drive to rest your legs. It’s a great activity to wind down after all the excitement, and a way to appreciate all the gorgeous landscapes surrounding around the lodges. The Buffalo Bill Cody Scenic Byway is, according to President Teddy Roosevelt, “the fifty most beautiful miles in America.” Ask your lodge hosts where the best off-the-beaten-path spots are!

Enjoy a delicious dinner

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Most of the lodges offer breakfast and dinner, and some offer packed lunches for your daily outings or cookouts in the evenings. These delicious meals served are the perfect cap to a day spent enjoying the outdoors. Be sure to work up a good appetite, because the steaks, burgers, and BBQ are served in generous portions.

Kick back by the fire

Lodges of East Yellowstone - cowboy campfire

Photo by Emily Taylor

After a long day of activities, enjoy the outdoor porches and fire pits. Kick back, put down your phone, and share a good story or two.

Fly through the air

Photo by Emily Taylor

If you’re looking for even more excitement, try a zipline with one of our partners. Ziplining is crazy-fun, and great for kids. Even a teenager can’t roll their eyes at this. The Sleeping Giant Zipline reaches speeds of up to 35 mph, and while the scenery is gorgeous, you’ll fly by so fast you might have to go a second time!

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation, stay at the lodges of East Yellowstone. You won’t be sorry you did.


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