Our Team of Ambassadors


Emily Taylor

National Park Outdoor Enthusiast

Emily has been capturing experiences for Visit USA Parks since 2017. Though she’s a Colorado gal at heart, her thirst for travel has taken her to the tip of South America, through the flavors of Southeast Asia, and all over the American West. Her photography and writing make for a colorful re-creation of her adventures. Emily loves deep backcountry explorations and mountain biking the most, but she’s up for anything outdoors!



Lauren Monitz

Experience Seeker

From becoming a certified viking in Iceland to blackwater rafting in New Zealand and horse surfing in Florida, Lauren is a travel writer and influencer specializing in offbeat adventures you didn’t even know you wanted on your bucket list. On a mission to see all 50 states and 50 countries by 50, she has bylines across the web from Thrillist and the Huffington Post to Eater and the Food Network. You can follow the (mis)adventures on http://thedownlo.com





Erika Land

Social Media Strategist

Erika is quite the outdoor enthusiast, dog lover and a digital nomad who spends most of her time in the American West. As a girl growing up in Colorado she is most passionate about road tripping America and backpacking Europe. In her role as a social media strategist she helps our clients coming up with visual content ideas and stories that will perform best via social media. She has become a dedicated tourism ambassador having studied it at Colorado State University. Her favorite part of the work is to capture random authentic travel moments and is not hesitant traveling the extra mile to South America, Europe and also throughout rural America. We are thrilled to have Erika helping us connecting multiple generations with our tourism communities via social media.

Whitney James, Visit USA Parks ambassador

Whitney James

Adventure Storyteller

With a passion for telling stories about travel and the great outdoors, Whitney is all about creating adventure in our own backyards. Previously the managing editor of Outside Magazine’s Summer Buyer’s Guide, Whitney has also written for publications like REI, Adventure Journal, Huckberry, and beyond. She enjoys inspiring others to travel and shares her outdoor experiences from a relatable, everyday perspective. Based in Colorado and a self-described endorphin junkie, she enjoys pedaling her mountain bike both up and down local trails as well as getting even farther off the beaten path on horseback. Her favorite adventure to date was the time she visited seven national parks in seven days on an epic road trip from Colorado to Nevada, camping at each along the way.



Kurt Box, Visit USA Parks ambassador

Kurt Box

Back Roads Traveler

Kurt Box is a Wyoming native, husband and father. He traverses the paved, unpaved, and barely-there roads of the Rocky Mountain West finding the beauty, spirit, and rascally characters in every place he visits. Kurt is also a primitive survival enthusiast, bushcraft aficionado, and a rock-n-roll drummer.


Pablo Guzman, Visit USA Parks Ambassador

Pablo Guzman

Curious Travel Photographer

Whether it’s sledding down volcanoes, catching a wave, or longboarding down winding roads Pablo enjoys all things outdoor adventure related. Growing up fluent in Spanish and English he’s often seeking authentic interactions throughout South Central and North America with locals while getting the inside scoop on the what he should try next.

Tobey Schmidt

Adventurer & Photographer

A midwestern girl at heart, Tobey found her love for the outdoors in Tucson, Arizona. She’s since spent time living in Alaska and Colorado, and recently moved to Wyoming. Tobey is a photographer, writer and content strategist. She’s been published in Rock and Ice Magazine, the Arizona Daily Star and worked on assignments for Smithsonian Magazine, Wrangler and BootBarn. Though she spends most of her time outdoors rock climbing, she also loves canyoneering, river trips, mountain biking and backpacking.




World Explorer, Photographer & Videographer

David is a freelance travel photographer and filmmaker. He’s from the mountain town of Pinedale, Wyoming, but spends most of his days traveling the world. His work has allowed him to visit 12 countries and counting. Aside from photography, some of David’s favorite activities include distance running, cliff jumping, playing trombone, and just about anything outdoors.